Review: Lana Del Rey – ‘National Anthem’
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Almost six months have passed since Lana Del Rey released her album “Born To Die” which saw the public in a distinct division. At one end of the scale there were those who believed it to be more or less a depressing try-hard, and at the other there were those of course who maintained it is that of a masterpiece. But has the hype around Lana died down now after the initial air of mystery that stemmed from her image and sound? Well only time will tell, with the release of her latest single, “National Anthem” coming up we’ll see whether she’s got what it takes to reignite the flames she lit back in January this year.

But is this an up tempo beat we hear?! Where are the violins?! For those who haven’t listened to the album in its entirety then this song will most likely be a shock to your system considering the darker nature of Lana’s first three singles. The relationship which paved the way for Lana’s singing career appears to be unravelled further throughout this track, we already know that the relationship isn’t a healthy sort, potentially dangerous in fact, and has even been linked to people’s opinions of Marilyn Monroe and J.F.Kennedy’s relationship.  “Wining and dining/ Drinking and driving/ Excessive buying/ Overdose and dyin’/ On our drugs and our love/ And our dreams and our rage/Blurring the lines between real and the fake/ Dark and lonely, I need somebody to hold me.” It doesn’t exactly sound like The Notebook, does it? Lyrically the song is cleverly written, as Lana playfully “raps” the words still with her delicate feminine approach intact. Musically the song is more electro than we’ve heard before and the ear definitely takes a while to adjust to the apparent new sound. We can’t help but think of M.I.A when it comes to this track, particularly with the chants of “Red, White, Blue’s in the sky!”  Let us not forget Lana’s gangster Nancy Sinatra quote at this point, which we’re sure Lana will forever be reminded of. Perhaps hip-hop isn’t as unimaginable for Lana Del Ray as we first thought.

Could a collaboration with M.I.A completley off the cards? With Lana, anything is possible. 

“National Anthem” is ready for release on 9th July with a video still to be released!

Listen to the track below:




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